Imagination rules the world. 

B-BAM! was born on capitol hill in Seattle in 2002. It was a bad year to start a business as the world was still reeling from 9/11. But I had an idea that needed expression. I had made and sold t-shirts ever since I started my first business in 1991, The pink Zone. The Pink Zone was a gay pride store that sold visibly queer gear as well a hair salon, and a tattoo and body piercing shop. Pride t-shirts were a really big seller – such as “Nobody knows I am a lesbian”,  “straight but not narrow” or “Jesus had two daddies” – I could go on all day.  🙂

Because we were well known for our witty t-shirts, people would inquire about custom shirts when the need arose but I had nowhere convenient to send them. This led me to opening a custom t-shirt store. B-BAM! was dedicated to people expressing themselves through wearable art. Creativity, imagination and the ability to express one’s self openly have always been important to me.

The custom t-shirt… there is no better way to make a statement about yourself, your beliefs, or the things you want to promote whether that be a band, a movement, or a brand.

I said that in the 2002 and it is still true today. B-BAM! has changed over the years. We no longer have a store front on capitol hill. Our office is in Georgetown, an up and coming Seattle neighborhood. We now focus on swag as well as t-shirts. AND, we work mostly with businesses, non-profits or movements who order in larger quantities. But staying true to our roots, we also have a way for people to order individual or small orders using our online t-shirt tool. For t-shirt order quantities of 1 to 49 CLICK HERE. For quantities 50+ CLICK HERE.

Leslie Lippi, B-BOSS!

I grew up in my father’s produce company, O. Lippi & Co. It was started in 1926 by my grandfather, a recent Italian immigrant. The business wholesaled bananas and other tropical fruit to stores and restaurants all over California. Every summer and school break I worked in the business, mostly doing the bookkeeping. I knew by the time I was 12 that I wanted to one day own a business.

I graduated from Mount Holyoke college with a degree in both International Relations and Women’s Studies. At 23, after a brief stint in a bagel bakery, I started my first business. The Pink Zone was born out of a desire to lend more visibilty and acceptance to the gay community. I believed acceptance wasn’t possible without visibility and pride in one’s self. It was hugely successful, and an important part of the community which I loved. I went on to start to other businesses including one that landed me on the cover of the New York Time’s Home Section before starting B-BAM!

In all of my businesses, my favorite aspect was the marketing because that was how you expressed what your brand stood for and increased your visibility. I found that successful marketing was tied to integrity. Just like in interpersonal relationships, people gravitate toward brands that know who they are, what they stand for, and that consistently represent themselves honestly. I enjoy helping other businesses find their voice and brand products that resonate with them and their customers.

Certifications and Associations

B-BAM! is a member of the Greater Seattle Business Association and certified by Washington State as a women’s owned business. In addition, B-BAM! is certified by the National Gay and Lesbian Business Association. Please ask for our certification numbers.

Non-profits We Support

B-BAM! enjoys being a part of the vibrant local Seattle community. We donate goods and services when appropriate, cash for certain fundraisers and our time and expertise whenever we can. We are also happy to give free shipping to local non-profits up to 5% of the order value.

“B-BAM! was a great partner in printing custom bags for the 2018 Washington State Nonprofit Conference. They were fast, easy to work with, and they helped us with a more creative design than we would have come up with on our own.

We appreciate their sponsorship for the conference and their commitment to our community.”

~ Laura Pierce

Executive Director, Washington Non-Profits

“GSBA has been thrilled to partner with Leslie and her team at B-BAM! for the last decade. As a GSBA Member & Pride Sponsor, and certified LGBT-owned business, B-BAM! has contributed greatly to our mission and visibility in the community by donating their expert time, expert printing, and generous sponsorship of GSBA Pride events. We look forward to working with everyone at B-BAM! for many more years to come.”

~ Eric Moss

Director of Communications, GSBA

“I was thrilled to get a donation from B-BAM! to support immigrant rights in Washington.

As one of my biggest donors, B-BAM! went above and beyond to prove their commitment to their community.

They are a great company with a nonprofit heart!”


~ Allison Carney

Social Justice Fund,

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